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Doctor's Desk

Practice Policies

Code of Conduct

I strongly believe that all individuals have the right to be treated with dignity and respect at all times and in all circumstances. I would like to remind patients and visitors that access to our services does not include the right to verbally abuse or display aggression towards our staff, physicians, or other patients either in person or over the phone. 

I have a zero tolerance policy towards unsafe and/or disrespectful behaviour. In the interest of protecting our employees and visitors, if any of the above behaviour occurs, it would result in immediate dismissal from the practice.

Missed Appointments

My goal is to ensure you and other patients have access to high-quality medical care in a timely manner. In order to help achieve this, I ask that all patients be mindful of the fact we have reserved valuable time for your appointment, and notify us at least 24-hours in advance of any cancellations and NOT by email.  Failure to do so will be considered a missed appointment and will be subject to the applicable fees.

Medication Refills

Your medical conditions and the medications used to treat them need to be monitored regularly, including dosage, effectiveness, side effects, and contraindications, to ensure that you are continuing to receive appropriate care. 

For this reason, I cannot renew any prescription requests from pharmacies or patient emails; any requests to do so will be declined.

The appropriate follow-up is your responsibility, especially if you require a refill. Please schedule an appointment in advance - virtual or in person. 

Test Results

Please do not assume that "no news is good news."  You are responsible for booking a follow-up appointment to be advised of the results and further management and/or plan, unless instructed otherwise.

For privacy reasons, administrative staff will not be able to interpret nor disclose test results unless specifically directed to by a physician. 

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